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Tomita-Takesaki in Rindler space

Rindler space provides a convenient example to elucidate some basic properties of AQFT — specifically Tomita-Takesaki theory — in what is arguably the case of greatest interest to high-energy theorists. We shall begin by introducing a few fundamental objects in … Continue reading

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Information geometry (part 2/3)

In the previous post, we introduced the -connection, and alluded to a dualistic structure between and . In particular, the cases are intimately related to two important families of statistical models, the exponential or e-family with affine connection , and … Continue reading

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Information geometry (part 1/3)

Information geometry is a rather interesting fusion of statistics and differential geometry, in which a statistical model is endowed with the structure of a Riemannian manifold. Each point on the manifold corresponds to a probability distribution function, and the metric … Continue reading

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